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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this 1 rupee revenue stamp?

Yes, it is 1 rupee revenue stamp sold in India. Stamps are mailed to you from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

To which countries have you shipped so far?

We have shipped revenue stamps to many countries in the world including USA, Switzerland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and of course within Canada.

Am I guaranteed to get the stamps?

Yes, provided the address is correct and complete. No refunds for incorrect addresses as stamps are mailed to whatever address is provided by Paypal. Please include your apartment number, if any.

Do you provide customer service over the phone?

No. This is a very small business currently selling very niche item to less than $10 that it is unaffordable to offer any kind phone support. We have not yet ventured into other items or grown big enough to offer customer service over the phone.

I am wary of sharing my bank/credit card information.

Your bank/credit card information handled by Paypal, which is one of the world's largest payment processor. Paypal processes 9.3 million transactions every day. This website cannot see your credit card or financial information.

Paypal payments are traceable and not anonymous way of sending money like Bitcoin. Paypal attempts to protect the interests of both buyer and seller and has checks and balances to help with this.

Thanks for your support.



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